Grades 6-12

VIVE Student Ministries

Connecting and Transforming Young People

Welcome to VIVE!

From all walks of life, our middle school and high school students come together to be connected and transformed in community. VIVE provides a dynamic environment for our students to engage in the life-changing power of the gospel  through "all-in" living, through radical friendship and creative expression.

What to Expect

When VIVE gathers, our students can expect a few things. Every VIVE gathering has a time of live worship and times spent together engaging with the Scriptures. Everything we do is geared toward experiencing the living God and learning how to engage with Him.

We also make having fun together a huge priority. Our students come ready to connect not just with God, but with each other as well. We set aside special time to play games, goof off and hang out.

As long as COVID-19 is a concern, our students can expect to wear masks when indoors and social distance as necessary. Weather permitting, we'll meet together outside as often as we can. We'll be careful to make sure proper sanitation and check-in measures are in place as well. The safety of our students is our top priority.

Finally, our students can expect to partner, once a month, with our friends over at Thrive Vineyard in Palatine. Jesus is doing cool things all over the Chicagoland area, and it's even cooler when we can partner with Jesus together. We'll even be exploring the same topics and sermon series. Thrive and VIVE are "one family, two locations."

Wednesdays @ 7-9 pm

Our Values

Passionate Love (of God, of People)

Seeking to not-just-pretend-to-love-but-really-love through passionate living: devoted, emotionally invested, "all in." Romans 12:9, John 15:13, Romans 12:1, 1 Corinthians 16:14, Matthew 6:33

Radical Friendship

Inclusive, consistent, “all-weather” type of community.
Matthew 18:15-20, Psalm 133, 1 Samuel 18:1,
Romans 12:10, 13, 18-21

Honest Creativity

Leveraging creative expression to explore, engage with and communicate God’s Story, Our Story and Personal Story.


There are many opportunities to become part of the VIVE community. Click below to see what we're up to.

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