Street Reach

Designed to minister to the same community as our Breakfast Ministry—homeless and low-income persons—Street Reach represents a step up from breakfast, in both physical and spiritual nourishment.

Street Reach takes place every Friday night in our Community Room. As the chef and other volunteers put the finishing touches on a wonderful dinner, our leaders kick off the evening program, usually including teaching, discussion and prayer.

Sometimes we have live music and sometimes special fun activities. Our desire is always to affirm each person’s dignity and lift people up with the Word and the life-giving, life-changing promises of God.

Street Reach meets fall, winter and spring. Everyone is welcome, and there is no charge. Volunteers are always needed to help with the meal or lead a discussion. Contact us for details.

Some people like to serve our Street Reach community by donating clothing, shoes and toiletries. These can be dropped off during breakfast, Monday-Saturday, 7 to 8 am.  Please use the Division Street door to the right of the courtyard and bring donations downstairs.