In the Vineyard, we like to say that everyone gets to play. We all have a part to play in the Kingdom of God, and it’s a blessing to find our place. Have you found yours? There are many opportunities for service—some that benefit the church on Sunday mornings, others that bless people during the week. Many of our volunteers serve on once-a-month teams.

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Vineyard Kids

Share the love and truth of Jesus with kids as a teacher or assistant or serving as a gatekeeper.


Prepare our communion elements by setting out packaged wafers and juice and cleaning up after the service.

VIVE Youth Leader

Invest in our youth for some fun and rewarding times. VIVE meets regularly on Wednesdays.

Prayer Ministry

Pray for individuals at the end of the morning service, usually as part of a two-person team.

Welcome Team

Meet people with a smile, greet and assist newcomers — whatever we can do to help people feel welcome.

Coffee Ministry

Get the coffee brewing before service and stay after service to put out treats and then clean everything up.

Song Team

Use your singing and/or instrumental talent to help lead worship. Application and audition required.

Sound Team

Manage the sound board in order to produce just the right mix for our worship service.

Media Team

Use our computer to put lyrics, announcement slides and sermon slides on the screen.

Breakfast Ministry

Sign up to provide breakfast—regularly or occasionally, full or partial—for our morning guests.

Street Reach

On Friday nights, help cook or serve dinner, interact with guests, lead a discussion group or help clean up. 


Gardening? Graphic design? Party planning? Let us know what interests you and any experience you may have.