Breakfast Ministry

Breakfast is at the Vineyard

For people without the means to provide food for themselves, a complimentary breakfast is offered at the Vineyard every Monday through Saturday (except on major holidays when another community organization may offer a special meal).

In addition to satisfying physical hunger, our leaders interact with guests on an emotional and spiritual level. We aspire to connect each person to the Father’s heart and see lives transformed. After all, with God, there is always hope for positive change and a brighter future.

Interested in helping?

Contact us to find out how your family, small group or church can help meet the physical needs of individuals who are homeless or poor. You can choose to provide a full breakfast, which is 50 meals, or partner with another person or group to provide half of the breakfast—25 meals.

Donations of specific food items are also welcome: gallons of milk and juice, tubs of spreadable butter, white or wheat bread, bags of sugar, powdered coffee creamer, creamy peanut butter and jelly, in addition to individually wrapped snack items like granola bars, fruit cups, chips and cookies.

Tips on bringing breakfast

Meals should be brought in through the kitchen door on the back side of the church between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. Please deliver hot foods already cooked or baked; we can keep food warm in our ovens until serving time, which is around 7:10 a.m.

Menu ideas

Egg casseroles with meat or veggies; egg/meat/cheese breakfast sandwiches, tacos or wraps; scrambled or hard-boiled eggs; French toast; biscuits and gravy; sausage patties or links, bacon, ham or chicken; pancakes or waffles; oatmeal (cooked or baked), Malt-o-Meal or grits.

Other items to consider are cereal; muffins; white or wheat bread or bagels; yogurt cups; cereal or granola bars; cracker packs; cheese sticks; cookies, and bananas, oranges, apples (a limited quantity) or fruit cups.

Need more ideas? Check this out: Easy Breakfast Recipes for a Crowd

Additional information

Donations: We are not accepting donations of clothing or toiletries at this time. If you have something in mind to donate, please contact our team leader prior to dropping anything off.

Community Service Hours: The Breakfast Ministry is currently unable to oversee community service hours for the Kane County judicial system.