Breakfast Ministry

For people without the means to provide food for themselves, there is usually a meal within reasonable reach. Lunch is available daily at Elgin Wayside Center and, with seven local churches hosting dinner, the Elgin Soup Kettle program ensures an evening meal.

Breakfast is at the Vineyard. A hot meal is served in the colder months, and in the summer we distribute sandwiches, fruits and treats. We do this every morning, Monday through Saturday, in partnership with other local churches and businesses. Exceptions are major holidays, when a community-wide effort may be made to put out a special holiday feast.

Over the past 15 to 20 years, this ministry has served something in the neighborhood of 200,000 individual meals! Besides satisfying physical hunger, our leaders interact regularly with the breakfast crowd at a personal level and are always looking for ways to satisfy spiritual cravings, too.

Contact us to find out how your family, small group or church can be involved in bringing breakfast to the homeless—either full (60 meals) or half (30 meals). We have lots of menu ideas; just ask!
Hear how this ministry was birthed, how it operates, and how it changes lives. Since this video was made, we are now serving up to 60 guests per day.