Vibrant, authentic worship

Some Sundays we stay in the pews, and other weeks this is how our service ends. What brings this kind of response? The presence of God. Sometimes we feel it tangibly, and when that happens, what else can we do but worship?!

Connecting Our Generation

to the Father's Heart

The love of God.

There's nothing like it.

We hope you'll experience the power of God's love from the moment you walk in our doors. His love is real, it's powerful, it's healing and life-changing. He offers it freely to everyone.

What would it look like if you dared believe that He sees you, He knows you and his love for you runs deep? Come find out. Come with an open heart and mind. The Father's heart and arms are already wide open, and He is waiting . . . for you. Believe it: He is the perfect Father you've always wanted!

Join us Sunday at 10 am!

With our church home in the heart of Elgin,  we have a heart for people in all walks of life.
We are multigenerational and multicultural.
Blue collar,  white collar,  homeless—we're all on this journey together!