School of
Kingdom Ministry

We believe Jesus invites every believer to continue His supernatural ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. God’s Kingdom is present and active on earth, and our great privilege as Christians is to partner with Him to see His Kingdom come. Our journey is to learn how.

Be who God made you!

SoKM is a fantastic opportunity for believers to learn about their identity and authority in Christ, how to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle and how to incorporate the ministry of the Spirit into everyday living. This training is something that every believer in Christ should have; it's basic training for life in the Kingdom of God!

SoKM was birthed at Vineyard Church of Central Illinois (Urbana) in 2011 out of a desire to see churches functioning more and more in the gifts of the Spirit and releasing the Kingdom of God in supernatural ways. In just 10 years, the Holy Spirit has expanded this school to more than 165 SoKM sites around the world!

Pastor Tom oversees our location, with the enthusiastic assistance of a small leadership team. The teaching comes from Urbana through videos by SoKM staff and guest speakers. Activation and practice opportunities are essential parts of the training, and students have access to a variety of online resources, including the teaching videos and interviews with notable Kingdom ministers.

The School of Kingdom Ministry is a nine-month adventure from September to May, with an extended break over Christmas.

The 2022-2023 school year begins in September; information and applications will be available in mid-summer.

Big deal

"Having the Holy Spirit is a big deal.  There is so much strength and power that have gone to the wayside because I have not fully accessed all the strength the Holy Spirit has given me [especially prior to School of Kingdom Ministry]."


"I have become more confident in who God has made me to be. I have become bolder as I ask the Lord to use me to do healing prayer, both physical and emotional prayer. I am asking the Lord to speak to and through me with more boldness and having an expectation that He will."


"One thing that helped me the most was the camaraderie.  Never have I felt so accepted for who I am, loved and not laughed at or having to defend my ideas and experiences.  To be in a room full of people with the same focus but diverse in personalities and experiences has been fascinating!"


"This class pulled me and pushed me through some really unexpected hard times.  I've learned to trust in my God even more.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to learn and practice the things of God together. "


"I have such a deep sense of intimacy with the Lord. There were many lies and false perspectives that were undone in my heart as a result of coming to SoKM."


"This class has reawakened me to the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit in my (and our) everyday life. The whispers I hear, the things I see and nudges I feel are not wrong, and it is okay to prayerfully and respectfully step out in them as I trust the Lord and let go of fear."