Sunday Meetups

Get connected!

Looking to get connected here at the Vineyard, meet new people or deepen your connections with others? To help you do just that, we’re giving something new a try: Sunday Meetups. After service on June 9 and 23, you will have the opportunity to join a gathering of people for fellowship and connection. These gatherings, led by friendly hosts, will take place at various locations as each of them chooses — their home, a nearby park, a local restaurant, etc. You'll choose from the options offered that day, giving wonderful opportunities for connection through games, a meal or conversation, depending on the group. If this is successful, we may continue meetups like these in the future!

If you’d like to participate, head downstairs after service to the Community Room, where the meetup hosts will be waiting. You can choose a group to join right there — no need to sign up in advance. Maybe invite someone else to join you!
The hosts will provide all the details about their specific gatherings, including the location and what to expect, before the groups depart to their meeting location.

If you're interested in hosting a meetup group yourself on either Sunday, please contact Amanda Beissler.

June 9  +  June 23