Holy Love

Finding & Becoming Holy Love

LOVE IS the most beautiful, most powerful—and most misunderstood of all things on earth! We have done a fine job of distorting the purity, commitment and endurance that our Creator initially built into "love."

Since God is Love, and we are made in his image, our destiny is to become Love just like him. But, where is this Holy Love? It sure seems elusive, yet Jesus taught that “the Kingdom of God is near." Holy Love is near. And, as we will discover in this seven-week class developed and taught by Peter Payne, to find Holy Love is to become Holy Love.

Let’s get rich together in Holy Love. All other investments will fail. Let’s set our hearts to find and
become lighthouses of Holy Love—what we are divinely destined to be!

A commitment is needed for the seven-week series.

Note:  Coffee will not be offered at this class, but you are welcome to bring your own.
Sundays,  Oct 10 - Nov 21
8:30-9:45 am

Led by Peter Payne

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