New Adult Sunday School class

In our newest Adult Sunday School series, Brad Weiss will lead us in a scriptural deep dive into the fundamental promises God has given us and how they apply to current situations and everyday life.

Weekly topics include:
  • Perspective and Paradigm
  • Joy and Laughter
  • Trinity, Holy Spirit and Gifts
  • Sin, Repentance and the Gift of Forgiveness
  • The Blessing of the Ark and the Faithfulness of Noah

We can all benefit from being reminded of God's desire to bless his people and what that means for us. Join Brad as he looks into the Word to chase down the promises of God!

Please note: Signing up for this class automatically signs you up for the church service every week from Oct 11 to Nov 8. If you will not be in church one or more of these Sundays, please notify the office.
Sundays, Oct 11 - Nov 8
9 - 9:40 am
Room 207
Masks & Social Distancing