Engaging in the Kingdom 2018

Regional Women's Conference

April 26-28 in Duluth, MN

The annual regional women’s conference is always an amazing time of gathering together with women from the Midwest North Region. Women are encouraged to engage in God’s Kingdom, which is filled with invitation and hope, especially when life seems to be at its hardest. When we come together and ask for God’s heart for us as women, he is faithful to come and set us free to experience his love and healing touch. The worship, the messages and the laughter are always highlights; this year's speaker is our conference host, Brenda Gatlin.

We enjoy carpooling to this event, sharing hotel rooms and going out together for a nice lunch. There's an entire afternoon off, too, with enough free time to enjoy a long walk at the lakefront or take a long nap.


  $50 Conference registration - payable to Vineyard Midwest North Region
$135 Lodging - payable to Elgin Vineyard

Plan on another $25 for gas, plus extra money for meals.

To participate, please register for the conference first:

Then let organizer Betsy Patrick know you're planning to go:

Finally, you can pay the amount due Elgin Vineyard for lodging ($135) by going to our giving page. Choose Regional Women's Conference in the dropdown box under Select a Fund.

If you'd rather write a check, please make it out to Vineyard Church of Elgin, note that it's for the women's conference, and drop it in the offering basket or Drop Box. Your registration will not be complete until your check is received.


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