Paul Ahrens

Worship Leader

Paul Ahrens

Paul is the fifth-born in a family of six brothers and one sister. His parents were worship leaders at their church; music was hugely important in their home, and five of the kids are now worship musicians. One brother became a pastor; their sister, Betsy, is married to a pastor, our own Jason Patrick.

But even a rich spiritual heritage like Paul’s doesn’t produce faith on its own. He was a high school freshman attending a One Thing Conference in Kansas City when God first grabbed his heart. “I felt His presence, and it made me want to follow Him,” he says. “I heard someone say that in this generation, with so many choices, we need something that really connects with us to live and die for. Experiencing His presence, I thought, ‘this is that something.’”

Paul was called into leading worship by his brother Peter, who recognized qualities in his younger sibling that went beyond musical skill. “When I think about who I am and what I bring to the table,” Paul says, “bringing hope is something that dictates what I do.” One day he was listening to a worship song and felt the Lord break off some areas of struggle. “As a worship leader, I want to lead others into the same experience. Ever since that day, I’ve been fighting to live my life offering hope.”

His job as a multimedia design artist allows him to work in both graphic design and video. Paul and his wife, Kimberly, have a beautiful baby boy named Will.

Camping and kayaking, sports and Mexican food are favorites. Paul also enjoys cooking and has fun experimenting with new foods, flavors and seasonings.


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